Baby plants on a roof

Food — By Crust on June 7, 2010

I planted some of the little plants I started from seeds on the roof top garden of Two Chefs and a Table in Gastown. Some of the sprouts seem really small for this time of year. I planted kale, some beet and radish seeds, some cherry tomato plants, a melon, and some beans. It is so nice of them to let me have some space up there.


  1. christian says:

    Just read your previous post about kitchen frustration. Breathe, and keep working. I know how it is.

    Or come to NYC, we’ll get you in a good kitchen here.

  2. mum says:

    Good advice from Christian. Hang in there, maybe you should try to work with more women chefs, who aren’t so arrogant. I know how much you care and hate it when you are so frustrated. Love, mum xoxoxoxoxo

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