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Food — By Crust on December 21, 2009







This is the place I’ve been subletting while at Boneta, walking distance from work which is all I ask. Tomorrow Saskatoon, next week San Fran. It sure is hard to have nice clothes living out of a suitcase for months, with no money. Kyle and I are driving down to San Fran through Portland. We have arranged a sublet there that we have not seen. We do not have work visas. We like work, we hope to find work. We will see how she goes. We might be horribly under prepared, or we might be doing what we need to do to succeed in this crazy world. Any advice on San Fran and Portland?


  1. Godfrey Jones says:

    You should check out the Castro area in san fran!

  2. Jon says:

    check out “le pigeon” in portland

  3. Owen Lightly says:

    A16 in the Presidio district. Ferry Building. Gary Danko. Go to Berkeley and check out the cheese board, and then hop across the street to Chez Panisse for lunch. Buy lots of wine. Find Jake.

  4. Crust says:

    Haha! Thanks Owen! Will do. I will make it my mission to find Jake. What should I do about my stage? Bryan says I should stay even if I’m not that stoked.

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