Amsterdam, Holland

The Kitchen — By Crust on August 11, 2009


Everyone is really nice here, it’s a bit of a different way of life. They have a sweet linen service at De Kas, nice whites, pants and aprons. It’s all so forgien to you when they show you around on your first day. Get changed here, this is this, this is that. It’s so bright, and the servers serve the cooks all day. You never get thirsty because servers are breezing by giving you glasses of ice water, during the afternoon break they bring us out drinks while we sit in the garden. They always want to know if you want coffee or tea. The chef is really zen and holistic and he makes supper healthy and delicious staff meals, you walk out to the back garden and a long table is set with waters poured for everyone and staff meal on platters family style down the table. When we finish eating the servers get up and clear the plates and then serve tea and espresso. The tea is in these clear pots and is just either mint or verbena cut from the garden glowing green. The cooks all smoke and there is a nice break before service. For a snack the chef will cut up fresh vegitables from the greenhouse, he said that one of the things he brought to De Kas is to make it more social. It’s a beautiful life for them.


  1. Tamara says:

    Ha ha – I think it’s ironic that everyone at a super health-conscious, holistic establishment smokes cigarettes. Regardless, glad to hear that you are enjoying your experience. Everything sounds very cool. Miss you lots!

  2. Nicole says:

    I know you are a big believer in the glamour of smoking but seriously it MUST kill your tastebuds…and aren’t those somewhat important to cooks? I don’t get it.

  3. Colleen says:

    Taste buds are very important to cooks. And those that smoke are doing themselves a disservice.

    I don’t find smoking glamorous at all. I find it disgusting….not to mention crappy for your health…but to each their own.

    But on the subject of the family-like nature of the establishment…..Lumiere used to be that way, way back before the first renovation of many. We all sat down together in the dining room and had staff meal (servers included), and there was a friendliness that I loved and treasured because it was like family. I mean, we all spent more time there than we did with our own families, so we just tried very hard to get along, and be courteous to one another. And that worked its way down to the staff meals and making good food for all of us, as we all needed to be at the top of our game for service.

    But I admit, that type of occurrence is very rare in this industry.

  4. Mom says:

    Waiting for another post… we are back in Stoon… and its been pouring rain for two days straight. Love Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  5. The Other Mom says:

    I’m waiting for some contact too. I am VERY worrywart Mom.

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