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Someday we would like to open a general store, in the beautiful space above The Hollows. Here is the space in it’s raw form. The light is nice and it is ridiculous that it has been used only as an office all of this time. We will keep you posted…

I wrote this before my computer broke on me. In the mean time we opened a general store. Goldie’s General is located above the Hollows, it is a house of quality and our motto is “Goldie’s General-Nothing Specific”. Keeping it general gives us the freedom to sell whatever we see fit as long as it is of lasting quality, I feel that under these guidelines we cannot go wrong. We will only be open Sundays to start with the hours corresponding with the Hollows brunch, I love the brunching and browsing combination. Our general store also has a “pop up” room where rotating vendors can set up shop so there is always something new on offer. We are working on a pop up pastry shop for around valentines day. More on this later I promise.

For me personally it is really amazing to have a general store above my restaurant because, I can sell edible goods made in the commercial kitchen below. Also anything that I order bulk for the restaurant can be sold up there. For example there are so many things that I use at the restaurant that I wish I could buy for my household kitchen that just isn’t available, like high quality stylish rubber gloves, biodegradable sponges and local organic flour and eggs.

There is so much more to tell, but for now here are some pictures of Goldie’s before.

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