The Hollows

Food — By Crust on October 3, 2011

Finally something to talk about. We have a restaurant and we are making it home. It is called The Hollows and it is in an old abandoned chinese restaurant in Riversdale, that was called The Golden Dragon. We had so many amazing friends come by and help us scrub it down today. There was a bunch of 7 year old beer that we had to dump down the sink. It was the job of one of the young cooks who was helping us to crack open each beer and test if it was bad or not, it was pretty funny. It turns out it was all bad. There is a bandsaw for butchery and lots of butcher blocks and meat hooks. Although we are a vegetable forward restaurant we will do lots of house made charcuterie and condiments.


  1. The Other Mom says:

    It’s looking awesome!!! I sure wish I was there helping out : (

  2. Laurel says:

    Hi! Congratulations on your new restaurant! My family went to the Golden Dragon restaurant every New Year’s Day for over fifty years (great grandparents forward). The holiday has not been the same since it closed. I see there were some old dishes left behing which brought back some wonderful memories. What are the chances you would be able to part with a few plates? Also, were there any plastic figurines found in nooks and cranies around the bar (elephants, mermaides, monkeys?)
    Thanks for posting this update.

  3. Joss says:

    Great news Christie!!!

  4. Crust says:

    Hi Laurel,

    Yes there were some figurines, come by and visit soon and I can share some with you and also discuss the plates.

  5. Owen Lightly says:

    congratulations guys!

  6. peach says:

    that’s a bit of holy shit, right there. way to go. you have my envy.

  7. joanne yanke says:

    Looking good!I can’t wait to come check it out. I told the Saskatoon’s Raw food Potluck group about you’re endeavors and plans to have some raw vegan items for them. I added you to the facebook group, they’d love an update!
    Do step out of the kitchen and drop into yoga sometime!

  8. hunter scott says:

    Make it Full Vegan

  9. Crust says:

    There will be raw vegan green smoothies for those who want them. I will be eating them for breakfast everyday, so anyone who comes in can request us to vita mix one up anytime, day or night. But also some vegan items on the menu.

  10. Crust says:

    Thanks Joanne, once we get a set schedule, we will make sure there is yoga time.

  11. K says:

    job for one of the “young cooks”? aren’t you one of them?

  12. Andrea says:

    Congratulations to you both! So exciting!!

  13. Teresa Gagne says:

    Congrats Christie. Another good thing happening on the west side.

  14. Linda Epstein says:

    Looking forward to checking out your restaurant. My daughter (owner of the vegetarian restaurant, The Coup, in Calgary) will be here in December and we will certainly come by and check it out (perhaps me sooner than that). My family and I went to the Golden Dragon regularly when we were kids, so it is nice to see the site put to good use… especially with local, “vegetarian forward” food. Congratulations!

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